Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers! Browse through our frequently asked questions below to find the information you need.

What is the tour’s capacity?

Our tours are designed to be small and personalized. In Condesa and Roma, we can accommodate up to 14 people with 3 guides. In Centro Historico, we can accommodate up to 8 people with 2 guides, and in Santa Maria la Rivera, we can accommodate up to 8 people with 2 guides.

What happens if it rains?

Mexico City's weather is usually friendly for bicycles in the morning, but during the rainy season from mid-May to the end of October, it typically rains daily from 3 pm (more or less). If we cannot start the tour due to rain when you arrive at the meeting point, we will be happy to proceed with a refund. However, we will make that decision the day of the tour at the meeting point.

What is your refund policy?

For a 100% refund, cancellations or changes must be made at least 72 hours in advance via email to In the case of last-minute changes due to circumstances like illness or other unforeseen situations, a 50% refund is possible if you notify us up to a maximum of 24 hours before the scheduled tour; otherwise, the tour can only be rescheduled to another day via email. A 100% charge will apply in case of a no-show, meaning no refund will be issued. Please note that we conduct tours with a minimum of 2 participants.

Do you offer vegetarian options?

Yes, we always have vegetarian options available for our Roma and Condesa Route. Unfortunately, we don't offer vegetarian options for the Historic Center tour.

I am a solo traveler, how can I book?

We would love to have you join us! Please send us an email, and our team will help you to complete your booking.

Is the food and drink included?

Yes! Everything is included in the price, except for special bicycles like Tandem, extension, or trailer for kids, which have an extra cost.

How long are the tours?

Our tours typically range from 3 to 4.5 hours, depending on the route. The Roma and Condesa tours are 4.5 hours, the Downtown with Mural tour is 4.5 hours, the Santa Maria la Ribera tour is 3 hours, and the Polanco and Art tour is 3.5 hours.

Can I reschedule my tour?

We understand that things can come up, so you can reschedule with one week's advance notice. If you need to reschedule the tour on the same day, there will be an extra charge of $300 Mexican pesos per person. Please keep in mind that any change in the reservation can affect many people, including our team's schedule.

How many guides are taking care of the tour?

The number of guides taking care of the tour depends on the number of guests. Up to 3 guests will be assigned one guide, from 4 till 10 guests will have 2 guides, and more than 11 guests will have 3 guides.

I'm in the meeting point, and the door is closed?

Don't worry, our team is always there waiting for you. Bazar Fusion opens its doors to the public until 9:30 am.

Do you operate tours with kids?

We do operate tours with kids under 11, but we require previous confirmation via email to ensure that we have proper bicycles for all ages.

Do you have smaller bikes for short people?

Yes, we have smaller and bigger bicycles for all types of adult bodies.

Last time I used my bike was long ago. Can I do the tour?

As long as you feel confident riding a bicycle, you can join the tour. But if you are not comfortable driving, we recommend you to join our walking tours instead.

Do you offer special prices for big groups?

Yes, we do offer special prices for big groups. Please send us an email, and we will customize a package for you.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes, we offer private tours for any of our routes. Please send us an email, and we will customize a package for you.

Can I leave before the tour ends?

Yes, you can leave before the tour ends. However, we always close the tour with Mezcal and Beers, so you will miss out on that :(

What are we going to eat?

Each route has different food, and the menu changes every time. We like to surprise our guests with the menu, so we won't reveal it beforehand.

Do I need to know how to drive a bike?

Yes, knowing how to ride a bicycle is mandatory.

What happens if I arrive late?

We only wait for 10 minutes to respect other people's time. However, in the Roma and Condesa tour, we have a snack right in the meeting point. This will leave us all a chance to wait for you while we have a coffee. This is only available on the morning tour (9:30 am).

Do you accept last-minute bookings?

As long as we have bicycles available, we can always accept last-minute bookings. However, please make sure you inform us beforehand via our WhatsApp. An official reservation is needed via email.

Do you offer special bicycles such as Tandem for adults, bike extension or trailer for kids?

Yes, we do offer special bicycles such as Tandem for adults, bike extensions, or trailers for kids, but only by request. Once we confirm the availability of the special bicycles via email, you can proceed with the booking.

Is it challenging to cycle in the city due to hilly terrain?

Mexico City, or at least the areas we explore on our tours, are generally flat, making it accessible and enjoyable for cyclists of all levels. Electric bikes are not a necessity to navigate these areas.


Yes, believe it or not, it has happened to us before. If you arrive in an alcohol intoxicated state, the tour cannot be conducted as originally planned. We're more than happy to find an alternative solution, such as rescheduling the tour for another time or conducting a walking tour, No refund will be issued in such cases. We prioritize the safety and enjoyment of all participants, and intoxicated individuals may compromise the experience for themselves and others.

WHAT HAPPENS IF i don't know how to ride a bike?

For safety, all participants must have basic cycling skills. If someone can't demonstrate safe riding ability, the guide may end their participation and offer a partial refund, only to ensure group safety. Refunds won't extend to accompanying guests.