vibrant neigborhoods

We will discover the Mexican history by driving through its 4 oldest neighborhoods, enjoying the different architectures, bohemian vibes, and lovely parks.


Roma and Condesa, 

The epicenter of hipster subculture in the city, the neighborhood streets are lined with restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, cultural centers, churches and galleries. 



Also knew it as the little Europe, this neighborhood is surrounded by art nouveau architecture. It used to be an aristocratic residence until the revolution. Nowadays it's full of secrets, restaurants and bars that only the locals know.





authentic Mexican street food

Mexican food is known all around the world and is one of the biggest success stories of our country. 


But what most people don't know is that it's more than Tacos, Burritos and Enchiladas. Our goal is to give you a real taste of Mexican streetfood, hidden gems and street vendors you can't find yourself


The food you will try is very carefully selected by us and there is always a vegetarian option at hand. You will dive with us into moving markets (tianguis) and turbulent mercados, as well as a very modern interpretation of these.



comfy bikes

From our own experience of traveling around the world, we truly love to discover new cities by bike.


To deliver you the most enjoyable bike ride through the bumpy streets of CDMX, we buckled up with our friends from Tropical Bikes, a bicycle manufacturer in Mexico City. They hand made these black cruising bikes from scratch.


- 10 cruising bikes with single speed and hand brakes


We will also provide helmets and locks



charming guides

The Foodie Crew of Paola, Isaac, Diana & Sebastian are all Mexico City native-born and raised. Growing up with all the street food this bustling city has to offer, they are deeply in love with their culture and happy to share inside knowledge with friends from around the world. 


       You come as a guest and leave as a friend!



CDMX explorer map

As part of the Bikes and Munchies Tour, we are happy to provide a printed map with our 36 personal recommendations for food, culture, drinks & parties.

What you can expect are handselected spots around the neigborhoods of Juárez, Centro, Condesa & Roma. The range goes from very tradional to super-hip eats; from program cinemas to secret electro parties, as well as must-see architecture sites.


If you are looking for us, here you will find us :-)