Special events

by our friends from Cuarto Menguante


Cuarto Menguante shares love, knowledge, and passion for the Mexican culture. We offer an intimate experience to taste different types of Mezcal handcrafted in Oaxaca and to discover Mexican emerging artists.

The experience is held in unique venues located around the most famous neighborhoods in the city (Centro, Juárez, Roma, Condesa) and they have a historical, architectural or cultural value.

The experience begins with a beer and time to interact with each other while a local dj is playing in the background. Soon after, we continue with the mezcal tasting – three types of mezcal – and the explanation about the production process. Later on, we will enjoy one hour of live music performances of two talented Mexican artists.


For latest pictures of events and reviews check out their social media:


--> Facebook / Instagram of Cuarto Menguante


Special events

by Bikes & Munchies


We are creating unique events for special dates of Mexican culture. We will post more details soon. 


--> Day of the dead


--> New Years Party